Necessity is the mother of all invention

Andy Proos came up with the idea for hat-mounted speakers while training for his first marathon. He had never run with earbuds because of safety concerns and the inconvenience of continually readjusting them, but once his long runs reached 15 miles, he needed some distraction!

Through trial and error with a lot of earbuds,tape and glue he created a functional model with the ear buds and wires mounted within the band of the hat. No readjustment of the speakers was ever needed, and most importantly, he could hear ambient sound. With an ipod clipped to the back of the hat, he was ready to go…. and an obsession was born!

After several years of experimenting, he had a model that got positive reviews from family and friends who were early users. With their encouragement (and after watching way too many episodes of Shark Tank), he teamed up with his daughter Emily, a recent business school graduate, and Bluewire Audio was incorporated in 2014.

The prototype was developed with the help of Ideology Product Development in Attleboro, MA and Ray MacQueen LLC. The speakers went through a series of refinements to optimize sound quality and ease of use and had a limited debut at the 2016 Boston Marathon where they received great feedback. In preparation for the move into production mode, Bluewire has forged manufacturing partnerships with several New England companies, including Springfield Spring, Princeton Technology Corporation and Pilgrim Innovative Plastics.

Following the completion of an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign they began selling online in June 2019.

Meet the Founders

Andrew Proos,
Co-founder and President

In addition to co-founding Bluewire Audio with his daughter Emily in 2014, the Northborough, Mass. resident is currently a staff anesthesiologist at Metrowest Medical Center in Framingham, Mass. This adventure brings together a lifelong passion for running and entrepreneurship.

Emily Proos,
Co-founder and CEO

Emily graduated from Babson College in 2015 with a degree in Business Administration. She recently relocated to New York City where she teaches yoga in addition to working for Bluewire Audio.